Ciara Bridal

Design / Development / UI / UX / Wireframes / Wordpress CMS

Project Information

Wordpress CMS
jQuery, PHP
Designed by Neasa F Ronayne

The job was to redesign the site, during the process we realised that their logo needed to be refreshed to fit in with the new direction of the site.
The client was looking for classic, Hollywood glamour. I was tasked site design as a whole and seeing how this would be applied to their social media.


To begin with I looked into Hollywood glamour, this led me to research Art Deco. As the purpose of the site is to sell bridal dresses, the images needed to be displayed in full. So I drew inspiration from fashion magazines for layout.

The border is used a design tool I choose two images to demonstrate this. The borders are used to add character to the design and as anchor for text to image. This allows the text/content to be put further away from an image than normal.

Design in Practice

Part of the exercise on choosing a design direction was seeing how it would work in action. I designed a Facebook page, banner ad and magazine competition ad, places were their brand would sit.