Dumpling Sisters

Design / Development / UI / UX / Wordpress CMS

Project Information

Wordpress CMS
Ajax Loading
Mail sign-up prompt
jQuery, PHP
Designed by Unthink

A website redesign and build for sisters who are food bloggers. I worked on the completion of the site for the client. This allowed me to focus more attention on the UI and UX aspects of the site.

Mail Pop-up

The initial idea was to have a pop-up that the user would have to engage with before continuing to use the site. From my own experiences of these pop-ups and reading UI/UX articles lead me to review the initial design. I suggested a more discreet one which was accepted.

Animating for personality

Many of the other animation elements were to help build the character of the site. Spinning icons, outlining dropdowns and popping up content. These little animations add a sense of consideration to the site.