Killala House Stables

Development / UI / UX / Wordpress CMS

Project Information

Wordpress CMS
Touch features
jQuery, PHP, Ajax
Designed by Unthink

My role on this project was mainly development. While developing I had opportunities to design UI elements that enhanced the users experience, loading elements, horse slider, horse navigation.


After looking at the design I had to think of the most user friendly interaction to navigate the horse. By allowing the horses pop-up to go full screen, on mobile, gives the information more space. This also allowed for another means of navigation, by swiping left and right the user can scroll through all horses without the need for closing the pop-up. This reduces the number of clicks and makes for a more pleasant user experience.


By loading in the information sequentially it gives the user the sense of discovering the information. This also enhances the user experience and makes the site feel more considered.