Reimaging a large charity site for better usability.

My main work was on the development of this site. During the site build, I had the opportunity to look at the UI & UX of a few elements, the map, forms, landing pages.
I worked alongside another developer during this project, I enjoyed working and solving problems together.

Wordpress CMS
jQuery, PHP, Ajax
Designed by Unthink


This is a redesign from hearing client feedback. I created a paired back form making option buttons to give the user the impression that the form is simple and easy to fill out. This should make them more likely to fill out the form.

Landing Page

This page has one call to action, to donate, and is aimed at users coming from social media. Using elements from across the site I constructed the flow of the page with images, videos, statistics, to enforce the call to action.

I am a designer-developer, working as a project lead at Dauntless. I enjoy the fusion of the creative and the technical. I love creating and implementing user-centered designs. I work closely with designers to constantly re-evaluate the design to ensure the best flow and usability. I strive daily to improve my skills and push the skills I do have to create stronger and better user experiences. At the end of the day, there is nothing like punching the air in celebration after solving a complicated problem.

I have many hobbies ballet, music, hiking, reading, drawing. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and learning new cultures, I have been to North America, Central America and all over Europe, Asia is next on my list.

Other websites


  • React, Redux, NextJS
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • PHP, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML
  • Responsive site creation
  • Organised, Hard-working, Attention to Detail
  • Amicable, Sociable, Passionate