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Design / Development / Kentico CMS / Prototype / UI / UX

Project Information

Kentico CMS
jQuery, AJAX, ASP

Designed by Unthink
Designed by

This is a website for an online learning resource. This site utilised Kentico as a CMS, which I learned for this project.
I was the sole developer on this site and worked closely with the designer to create the optimal user experience. There is no link for this site as it has not gone live.

Site Navigation

This website will be used on large whiteboards in classrooms across the country.
This fact made me consider the need for each piece of information to be clearly displayed. I therefore proposed a user interface based on the theory of a slider.
I amended the slider format to allow the user to move directly to any screen without
the disruption of having to go through the intermediary screens.

Ajax Solution

The site during development produced some issues in the new CMS.
Issues arose during site development i the new CMS,
I had to learn the best way to use the systme to acheive the look and feel we wanted.
Ajax was used to load information not on the top nav e.g. Objects.

One of the things I learn during this website was to adapt a simple method in wordpress to
I learned alot on this website as I had to.

I learned to do Ajax in Kentico.