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Project Information

Wordpress CMS
jQuery, PHP
Designed by Neasa F Ronayne

This was a website redesign for a child development company. It was a freelance job I undertook while at Unthink, I designed and developed this site. I tried to develop an understated site that would showcase the companies work. During development the design evolved to better suit the client, while still retaining the ethos of the design.


I designed a slider that would only display content for one slide at a time. The reason was to reduce the content on the site and to draw focus to a single element.


The tone and the aesthetics of the site is very important. It had to be both informative for the parents but give a sense of fun to indicate the nature of the products. I devised a way of breaking up each section of the site based on Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes this was warmly received by the client. I felt it gave a fun and child like feel. The choice of typeface also reflects this by using geometric shapes, for the colours I tried to remain within the primary and secondary range.