Imaging a creative space for a child development company.

This was a website redesign for the company Zulleon. It was a freelance job I undertook while at Unthink, I designed and developed this site. I tried to develop an understated site that would showcase the companies’ work. During development, the design evolved to better suit the client, while still retaining the ethos of the design.

Wordpress CMS
jQuery, PHP
Designed by Neasa F Ronayne


I designed a slider that would only display content for one slide at a time. The reason was to reduce the content on the site and to draw focus to a single element.


The tone and the aesthetics of the site is very important. It had to be both informative for the parents but give a sense of fun to indicate the nature of the products. I devised a way of breaking up each section of the site based on Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes this was warmly received by the client. I felt it gave a fun and child like feel. The choice of typeface also reflects this by using geometric shapes, for the colours I tried to remain within the primary and secondary range.

I am a designer-developer, working as a project lead at Dauntless. I enjoy the fusion of the creative and the technical. I love creating and implementing user-centered designs. I work closely with designers to constantly re-evaluate the design to ensure the best flow and usability. I strive daily to improve my skills and push the skills I do have to create stronger and better user experiences. At the end of the day, there is nothing like punching the air in celebration after solving a complicated problem.

I have many hobbies ballet, music, hiking, reading, drawing. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and learning new cultures, I have been to North America, Central America and all over Europe, Asia is next on my list.

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  • React, Redux, NextJS
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • PHP, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML
  • Responsive site creation
  • Organised, Hard-working, Attention to Detail
  • Amicable, Sociable, Passionate