Illustrators Ireland

Design / Development / UI / UX / Wireframes / Wordpress CMS

Project Information

Wordpress CMS
Membership System
jQuery, PHP, Ajax
Designed by Unthink

This was a redesign project. I worked solely on the site development including, form to members, back-end membership system, search function. This project also allowed me to design a few elements portfolios, illustrator page, navigation bar.
During the design process I worked closely with the lead designer, she helped me figure out the best design approach for the project.


This was a redesign of our original design. After receiving client feedback to have a layout like their old site, I tried to design something more visually appealing that was more inline with the clients desires. After a few iterations of layout the best layout for the purpose was chosen.

Membership System

This project called for a streamlining of membership applications and approval. This meant building a Membership approval and renewal system in the back-end of WordPress. This system allows the membership officer to send emails approving application and email notifications for membership renewal. The member also receives a notification in WordPress of an upcoming membership renewal.